Where I Belong Synopsis

So here’s the rough synopsis for my NaNoWriMo 2015 novel //

Molly is a senior in high school prepping herself for college. There’s just one thing holding her back – the lack of memories of her past two years. A traumatic car accident 6 months ago left her missing a large chunk of her teenage years. But she’s at a point in life where decisions have to be made about what’s next. And she thinks she has it all figured out.

But when it starts to become evident that her family and friends are hiding things from her about her past, she takes the initiative to figure it out herself – to try and force the memories back. Does she really want to remember though? Will the memories make her question everything?

How do you move on in life without your past mistakes to guide you? 

I’m working out the kinks of this synopsis but that’s the gist of it. I’m excited to get started already. Just a few major plot points that need to be figured out. But then again, most of my novels kind of write themselves, so I probably won’t have everything figured out by November 1st.


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