NaNo End of Day 1

My total word count for November so far is 4,428. 2,600 of that is my “new” novel. I still can’t believe I just threw the other idea off to the side. I dunno this new one has come pretty easily. 

But I’m still unsure of what exactly is going on in this new novel. I guess that’s what makes this fun. I never imagined myself a pantser but now I wish I had decided to be one from the beginning. It’s thrilling! 

My MC is a female, freshman in college named Skyla (Sky for short). All I know is she gets herself into some trouble (re: LOTS of trouble) and has to figure her way out of it. 

I added a very rough excerpt to my NaNo profile. I’m hoping a title comes to me soon. I’m terrible at titles, but I want to have one!

I hope everyone else had a decent day one! Can’t wait to see where this novel goes tomorrow! 


11 thoughts on “NaNo End of Day 1

  1. Wow! Over 4,000 that’s pretty good for day one, and this new idea of yours sounds interesting. You should put some sort of excerpt or something from your story on your ever day. That would be so cool!

  2. That’s impressive for a first day! I’m a pantser myself. Normally, I plan all the time but for NaNoWriMo the idea of just writing without planning sounds brilliant and makes me feel less stressed. When I plan certain things, I realize I get a writer’s block when the pressure of time is weighing upon my shoulders πŸ™‚

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