NaNo End of Day 5


Today is actually day 6, but I wanted to get a post in early (before I’ve actually sat down to write any more).

Last night I crossed over the 20% mark! I went to bed right around midnight with my word count sitting at 11,150. Here’s my progress bar to prove it:


I’m doing well so far keeping ahead of schedule. Trying to keep that momentum going as long as possible until I hit the inevitable wall. Plus I’ll be travelling/out of town for the last six days of November so it’d be nice to finish early.

I think if I sit down and really think about it, I’m finally at a point that I can write a synopsis for the darn thing! So hopefully I’ll be able to share that in the next couple of days. And then maybe I can finally come up with a darn title!

This has come along pretty well so far. Most of my writing has been done during word wars, not because I have to force myself to write the story itself. Rather I rely so much on them because I have to motivate myself to write period. I’m so out of practice with writing constantly. I think I just go back to college in my head and having to sit and write papers constantly. Ick. Then I remind myself that this is all for fun. But I still need motivation, so we do word wars. It’s working for me so far!

What bothers me most about this draft is how bare bones it is. I’ve never been great at including very much description – of characters, of situations, locations, etc. As it stands, it’s a lot of dialogue. But I think that’s what will make editing fun is going in and adding more! I’m already kind of looking forward to reading this when it’s over – just so I can keep adding to it.

Hopefully I can keep my momentum going. But I’m preparing myself for the wall I just might hit.

How’s your word count doing? It’s still early if you’re behind! Happy writing!


15 thoughts on “NaNo End of Day 5

  1. Congratulations on 10,000 words! I’m only at 7,000 right now.

    I’ve also never been that great at describing things. I’m not quite sure why, but it just seems…not right to describe things when characters could be taking to each other and revealing things through dialogue rather than just telling the readers everything. Show vs. tell, I guess, but it ends up being too much dialogue. I guess I’ll fix that in editing too.

  2. Isn’t it the best feeling when your graph’s sitting above the target for that day? It’s such a monumental sense of achievement.

    Keep up the fantastic work! I know exactly what you mean you talk about the difficulty of being motivated and it sounds like the word wars are helping a lot there. It can be quite hard to let go of inner doubts and worries but once you do, it’s so liberating! Hopefully, you’ll get right back into the habit of writing by the end of November and you’ll just keep going.

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