NaNo Week 1 Results

So we made it through the first week. We’re now just about 25% of the way through the month! I find that exciting AND terrifying!

Exciting because we are all moving towards having a first draft of something. And maybe your draft is terrible so far. That’s okay, because mine is too! It’s legible, but lacking SO MUCH that would make it great. But you know what, that’s what December and on is for. Right now, just get it down.

It’s also terrifying because I caught myself at a stonewall. I’ve hit my slump already, and that’s never a good sign. It appears that once I reached my first climax (the one I already knew about), my will died off. My MC is attempting to hide a body right now, and I feel like I’m forcing it a little bit. Maybe it’s because there is no dialogue here (LOL). Then again, the weekends aren’t the most productive for me, so it’s possible I’ve just been too distracted these last two days.


I’ve lost my lead. At this time right now, I’m sitting at 13,555. I ended yesterday just above par, which means I need to write about 1,500 words to hit the Day 8 goal of 15,000. (Why is there no badge for every 5000 words? I vote that every 5k is something to be proud of!) I’m disappointed that I slacked over the weekend, but I’m not giving up! It’s not even really a setback yet. I’m technically not even behind at all.

Gah, I just really liked having my word count bars be way over the line.

Story-wise, I’m moving along. We’re going to see the MC deal with bouts of super paranoia from a first person perspective for about as long as I can handle writing it. I’m hoping this doesn’t mess with my mind.

I’d also like to add to that I have googled some very odd things this month so far, things that have probably caused my computer to be tapped via the NSA but that’s okay. You do what you gotta do for your novel. Including finding out the best way to get a body to sink to the bottom of the lake. 😉

I am going to do my best to get back ahead tonight. It’s raining, and my fiance is probably working late again (but maybe not because of the rain, who knows), which means I’ll have the ample opportunity to focus on the novel tonight.

I hope that if you’re reading this, you’re not too far behind! And even if you are, there are still plenty of days left (seriously, look at the counter on my home page). It is NOT too late!image (1)


4 thoughts on “NaNo Week 1 Results

  1. I’m coming up on 16K as of tonight. I’m pleased with my progress, though there are a few wonky scenes where the characters are just kind of standing around waiting for me to jumpstart the action. I have my inciting incident at least, so I have given myself a nice platform to keep working from. I haven’t Googled anything crazy yet but my plot does involve the cloning of star athletes so I’m sure I’ll work it in when necessary. Good luck, and keep the word count train moving!

  2. Absolutely agree about the 5K badges! I was looking at what was next after hitting 10K and it’s not until 25K that we get any new badges! So sad T_T But if what you’re googling is any indication, I bet your Nano is going along fantastically!

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