NaNo ’15: Halfway There!

Some image motivation for you:Halfway.0half-wayhalfway

Whether you’ve hit the halfway point of your word count or not, the month is only half over.

You can still do this. 

If you’re at or over 25,000 words, congratulations! I am among those right at par right now. I seem to do less writing on weekends (ironically), but I think it’s because my fiance is home. I imagine, if this week goes like all the others, that I’ll get ahead before Friday and then lose my lead over the weekend.

What’s tough though is that we’re spending Turkey Day (plus the 6 days afterward) with my family, so part of me really wants to win before we leave next Wednesday. But that equates to 2,500 words/day for the next 10 days (including the day we leave but I’m working a half day so technically that is possible). So I dunno about that. But we’ll see. Maybe I’ll hit a stride.

My novel is moving forward pretty well. I’ve managed to make it 15 days without reading a word of what I’ve written yet. Which is good because I’d get stuck in an endless spiral of editing. This draft is sooo bare bones. And I’ve probably said that in previous posts. But I’m reiterating it here.

I really wanted to post an excerpt as a celebration of 25,000 but :

  1. That would require me to read back and find a good excerpt to share.
    1. I’m afraid to do that.
  2. I would then have to edit that excerpt.
    1. Because unless you want to read drivels of dialogue, I really need to add some things in. Like, oh I don’t know, some character descriptions.
  3. really don’t want to read any of this yet.


But really. Maybe I’ll find a decent section around the next milestone (30,000 NaNo website. Not 40k!) and I’ll share it. I’m sure there’s at least one.

I really can’t wait to finish this novel, double space it and print it out. Carry it around like my baby in some kind of a fancy binder. That’s my real reward for winning…picking out the editing binder for my novel. 🙂

Keep pushing through NaNoBuddies. It’s all downhill from here (well, not for your writing. Don’t let that go anymore downhill than it already may have).



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