It Finally Happened, I’m Behind

My current word count is sitting at 27,118. I went through just over half the month without letting my word count dip below the line, but it has finally happened.


I can’t say I’m all that surprised. I knew the wall I hit in week two wasn’t “The Big One.”

Week three is hard. The newness of my novel has worn off. I’ve begun to realize that this is going to need lots of reworking when it’s done. I still don’t even know what’s going to happen next, or how the novel will even end!

I’m rereading all of my own blog posts this morning to motivate myself. I’m not necessarily that far behind. I’ve had two or three days this month where I’ve written enough that would catch me up right now. I know I can do it.

My other reason excuse for not writing these past couple days is that we got a new Playstation 4 and I’ll tell you that thing is distracting! We got the Darth Vader PS4 with Star Wars: Battlefront and even though I know nothing about Star Wars, the game in itself is pretty fun. (A rip off too though, but that’s a whole other unrelated blog post.) Even when I’m not playing it, I get enamored when Brad is. I just may need to start taking my laptop in the bedroom or something. Make playing the PS4 a reward for writing first.

I’m not worried yet. I still have plenty of time. I want to win, dangit!


7 thoughts on “It Finally Happened, I’m Behind

  1. I can sympathize. This time last year, I was at the cusp of 50K. I’m not behind, though I am frustrated at myself for losing track of things once my characters declared their love for each other. Suddenly all I cared about was describing them in pointless and sappy situations. I cut about 2K worth of words in order to banish the ill-fitting scenes. I also realized I am missing a key character if I want to help get the plot resolved. She will make her appearance today under a placeholder name cause I need to get back on track.

  2. Last year I came from behind by 10,000 and still won on the last day with a manuscript I can actually use. It’s definitely possible if you just keep going. This is my 9th Nano, and I always hit the wall pretty hard just after mid-month. If I push through, it always gets fun again somewhere between the 20th and the 25th when the waffling plot suddenly grabs hold with more purpose and I can start to see some kind of climax and conclusion. Or at least I can see the end of the month and know may get some sleep again soon!

  3. You can do this. Make yourself write. I got into that rut where I didn’t write for days maybe that’s what you needed to recharge to produce. I found sitting at a restaurant helps food and coffee and tea and no TV even better when there isn’t wifi bc so easy to get distracted. Good luck!!! Ever want to talk out your plot is love to chat. I get frustrated with mine a lot and find talking it out helps especially with a write my mom just agrees with everything Hahahaha

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