Monday Musings #1

I’m starting a new segment of my blog, titled Monday Musings, where I write about whatever is on my mind that day. Sometimes reading/writing related, sometimes not. You never know. Here is MM #1.


You know, I started reading a book yesterday off my Goodreads list (a review will be coming soon!), and I’ll tell you — reading books just makes me want to write them so much. But never the current project(s) I’m working on. Nooooo. I always want to start something new.

I get lots of inspiration from what I read. That’s why I tend to read only the genres I enjoy writing in.

The book I’m reading is a thriller of sorts. A man gets abducted after being held up at his work. His life is thrown off schedule. It’s one of those books that makes you think about your life.

While reading this book, I started to think of my own abduction story (I have written one before. It was self-published through Createspace, and it does still exist on Amazon. But I’m not telling you anything else about it haha, because I was a senior in high school, and it’s not good). A basic plot started to form in my head. And I had to catch myself before I got too interested in it.

I already have two projects to finish, brain. Stop it. The worst thing I can do is to have so many projects going at once that I’ll never finish any of them. I’m on a schedule now. I have finish date goals for my two WIPs (see my new page!) and I need to stick to those.

It’s so hard though for me to shelve ideas like these. I’m excited about them now. How do I know if I’ll still be excited about it later? Maybe that’s the thing though. If I don’t love it as much then as I do now, was it not as much a priority as I thought?

What I’m telling myself right now is that I need to finish Cover Up. And when I can sit down and read through it, I can see once and for all if it can be salvaged at all, or if it needs to be completely redone from top to bottom. Currently, that’s what I’m thinking, but I haven’t actually reread any of it yet, so who really knows. If it needs to be redone completely, I can shelve it for awhile. Work on Where I Belong and then MAYBE pick up a new project along the way.

I guess this is all so foreign to me because ever since I graduated from college (May 2014), I took a hiatus from writing. I was reading during the summer while job hunting (I waited tables 4 nights a week. I had so much free time!), but putting my own ideas down wasn’t a priority. My major was English, dangit. I guess I just got exhausted from being forced to read and write for 4 years.

When I picked up on NaNo again this year, it was the first time I’d written since my last semester. Almost a full year and a half. Whew.

And now here I am, every idea swirling in my brain. I pick up a new book, love the plot so much that I want to write my own rendition of it, but then lose interest when another new idea comes to fruition later on.

I guess what I’m going to start doing is writing down my ideas. As much plot as I have in my brain at one time. Keeping them in a notebook full of all my other ideas. And when the time comes to really start a new one, I’ll have a book full of plotlines and characters. And I can choose which ones still get me excited about writing it.

So tell me: What do you do to keep the plot bunnies at bay?



16 thoughts on “Monday Musings #1

  1. I have a notebook I just write everything down in. I add to my plot synopsis whenever i feel the urge to write on one of those ideas. Then they’re all waiting for me when I’m ready to bring them to life.

  2. I’m a reader, not a writer (just wanted to get that out first) — but I’ve attended numerous conventions over the years, and many authors give the same advice: Just write. Every day. just write. Even if it’s just stream-of-consciousness stuff, or a few lines of dialogue that are in your head.
    I also remember one author’s advice about creating characters that I found interesting. He would pick up job applications from places, and then fill them out for a particular character. He said this not only got him writing, but it would help him imagine and create different characters (even if he wasn’t currently writing them into what he was working on).

  3. I have a similar process. I open up a new document and write out all my thoughts on the new idea. Sometimes it’s just a bit of dialogue or a paragraph, whatever it takes to give it a voice. Then, I put it aside to finish what I’m working on. If something else comes to mind I’ll take some more notes.

    Usually that’s enough to allow my focus to return to my current project. I keep these in a folder called ideas and when I’m ready to write something else I read through them to see which still has the spark that fueled the idea in the first place.

    • Yes! That’s basically what I was thinking of doing. Because all sorts of stuff starts flowing into my head, and I feel like if I started writing everything down as it comes, but staying focused on one project, I’d feel better about putting it aside.

      • I’m a sucker for journals, I have way too many of them and some I will probably never use (my River Song Tardis Journal is too epic for every day use!) but I guess that means I don’t have an excuse for not having one on hand.

  4. Yes, that is a definite risk of reading other stuff, hehe. Still, I find I like to start things – even if it’s just a paragraph or two – so I can gather enough momentum to keep myself going. I also worry about it not being exciting in a few months, but, as far as I can tell, that’s why writing every day is important – you write on days when you don’t feel like doing it, and actually end up wanting to write more (there’s a Greek proverb for this…loosely translated it means appetite comes when you start eating; that is, you might not feel hungry for something, but once you start, it’s quite hard to stop – depending on your self-control, of course). So the more you write, the more you feel like writing! 🙂 And the more you can power through to stay on course.

    I tend to follow something that a friend of mine suggested (apparently Isaac Asimov used to do this with 12 typewriters…I have no idea if that’s true): start writing one thing, then when I get stuck/bored, jump to another thing and then another, so by the time I’ve returned to the first one, I’m better equipped to deal with the ‘problem’.

    I also scribble in various notebooks all over the house (this proved very useful… until I started losing/misplacing them). So far I have one for every occasion that fits in my pocket/bag whenever I leave the house, and one in my bedroom for the ideas that hit me late at night. I even scribble on my phone – in the drafts section of my emails because I have my email open while I work. I just wish I had a notebook for the shower; sometimes the best ideas hit me there!

  5. Hi. That’s really cool you self-published a book while you were in high school.
    I can only tell you what I try to do, which is focus on the main project, but allow my subconscious to work on the new idea. It’s like when you walk away from someone and say, “Dang, I wish I would have said ______.” Just give your new idea time to work in the back of your mind while you finish up your current project. Since you are already passionate about the next story, your passion will only grow as your continue create and develop it. So my advice, focus on your current project and get that sucker done. You will feel accomplished and then you will have your next more developed story waiting for you.

  6. I had a writing hiatus as well and have that whole “too many ideas jockeying to get out” feeling too. Depending on how hard the story is trying to bust out I’ll either jot down the particulars or do a short story for it. Or sometimes write most of a book. That last one happened with a character that just would not stop in my head until he was in pixels like he wanted to be.

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