All I Want for Christmas is…

A new laptop.

I mean, that’s not all I want for Christmas. My list is actually pretty extensive of things I need (mostly clothes. I really need new sweaters for winter – although I’m hoping this is my last real winter…we’ll see about that), but I want to write!

(I won’t lie, I also want to be able to play The Sims again)

Right now, my laptop is a clunky Dell Inspiron that I bought the summer of 2010, right before I left for college. It’s gone through it’s share of drama, including a large-scale malware attack (perpetrated by me trying to watch episodes of ‘House’ for free on shady Internet websites) that resulted in it being completely reformatted.

It’s miraculously still alive, however it’s on its last legs. Right now, I can’t install any new software, I can’t open any Microsoft Office programs, it won’t recognize my iPhone so I can’t put new music on it (frownyface), it will not play videos, the sound doesn’t work, it has to stay plugged in or it’ll die within 5 minutes…the list goes ON AND ON.

It’s time for that computer to have a proper burial. But I need a new one first. I can write on it still (and I did during NaNo this year), but only online via Google Docs.

I can tell you what I wish I could have. Definitely on the Christmas list of my dreams, but I so bad want a Macbook. I had one in high school supplied by the school as a test to see if a “Digital Campus” could work. (Considering all the restrictions we ended up having by the time we graduated, I sincerely doubt it worked.) It’s just too bad they start over $900. Nobody is going to buy that for me. I’ll get one one day. I don’t need a Macbook to keep succeeding at writing. But someday down the road, my student loan payments won’t eat up half of my pay every month, and I can splurge on something like this.

So we’ll see. You can find a good laptop for $300 or less. The other big thing on my Christmas list costs more (possibly), but I can’t say for sure yet which one I want more at the moment.

If you have recommendations, please send them my way!


17 thoughts on “All I Want for Christmas is…

  1. I’m in a similar boat. My aged PC died and my wife’s laptop is getting iffy so we decided to get “reasonable” laptops for each other for the holidays. She has hers but we haven’t ordered mine yet.

    We did some shopping around and found the best price point seems to be at the 15″ screen. Of those the HPs seem to give the most computer value. I priced out models workable for me between 500-600.

    HP also has reversible touch screens at that price range, which is what my wife picked. If you like tablet functionality in a laptop you might like it. It’s not for me but my wife loves it.

  2. I remember my Dell from college… By the time I had my degree it was (probably) malware free but running at a glacial pace due to all the malware detectors my IT savvy uncle had loaded it up with, and in order to get a Mac I had to convince my computer engineer and staunchly PC-person mother that a Mac is not a toy. That was fun. And I think that was more or less the only thing under the tree for me that year, extended family included.

    If you can’t ask for the whole laptop for Christmas, what you could do is ask for Apple gift cards now, for your birthday, and any other gift-giving occasion you can think of. You might still have to cover most of the cost yourself but every little bit adds up.

  3. Aw no, why can’t you play the Sims?? Was it on this crummy laptop?

    I’m sure you’ll get a laptop this year. I’ve switched from Dell over to HP (my Toshiba laptop was a nightmare) but HP’s tend to overheat a lot unless you get a decent (ie pricey) one. Just an FYI if you’re planning on playing the Sims on the laptop!

  4. I got an Acer E 11 last year for christmas for like 250. It isn’t powerful. But I can surf the web (research) and I can write. Which is all I need since we have a fat machine in the kitchen at home for family use. By fat read designed by a gamer. LOL

  5. I hate slow laptops! With my old one it got to the point where I was doing almost everything on my phone to avoid using it. I got myself a chromebook, mine’s lightweight and fast for using the web and google docs, which is all I use anyway. A bit useless if you want to play The Sims though, which is probably a good thing for me. I spent most of my teenage years playing that game non-stop! 😀

  6. Have you able to do a full format and reload of the OS? That should fix your Sims install problems. If you can’t afford a new laptop, you might be able to squeeze a little more life out of it for a little $. RAM is cheap, so max it out. Maybe even replace the hard drive completely (should also be pretty cheap). Just a thought.

    • It’s been reformatted before, so I’m not sure how many times a computer can handle that lol. I also need to buy an external HD so I can back up all the stuff on there. I really am pressing my luck not having done it yet… Thanks for the advice!

  7. My name is also Danielle, I also want a MacBook for Christmas (in an ideal world), and I also play sims! 🙂 I actually had a MacBook when I started college, and I loved it, but unfortunately it gave out in the fall of my senior year because the fan broke so it would get over heated and then shut off, and after replacing the fan twice, I figured I should get another. (Apparently MacBooks aren’t technically supposed to be “lap”tops because they aren’t built to handle the heat, but when I bought it I got a really great deal because it was an older version of the white MacBook after they had come out with the aluminum body ones, so I think of id just gotten the aluminum body one I might have been okay) I then got a PC, and to this day I regret it and wish I’d gotten another MacBook so my advice would be to hold out for what you really want! And, from my previous experience with the deal on the white MacBook, maybe don’t go back that far but see if you could get a little bit older of the MacBook aluminum body version for cheaper than the latest and greatest? Worth a shot and better than buying another PC that you’re not gonna be 100% happy with and always lusting after the MacBook anyway like I’m doing now lol

    • Well hi Danielle! Thanks for the advice! I’m probably getting a different big present for Christmas this year, so I’m gonna hold out on the laptop a little longer. Save up some money. Mine isn’t dead yet, so it’s not a pressing issue. 🙂

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