Monday Musings #3

On Christmas:

Today is the first official day of my Christmas vacation. We are closed for two weeks, and I get to sit at home drinking coffee, cuddling with my dog, catching up on my DVR shows (woo, Masterchef Junior!), and getting myself into the Christmas spirit!

I’m done Christmas shopping, most likely. I’m pondering getting something small for Brad’s sisters but they have expensive taste and I have no idea what to get for them. I’ve wrapped all but a few presents for Brad’s family. My gifts for my side of the family went out via the USPS on Saturday.

I’d mentioned in a previous post about how hard it’s been to be excited about Christmas this year. The holidays are about tradition, and for the past 23 years, I’ve spent Christmas Eve with my dad’s side of the family, and Christmas day with my mom’s side. This year, Christmas is with Brad’s family.

I think I’ve finally reminded myself that growing up means things are going to change. I’ll be married next year, and eventually we will probably have a family of our own. One day, the new tradition could mean Christmas at OUR house!

When traditions change, I like to think that it’s a measure of progress. My life is on its way up! And for right now, while I will definitely miss spending Christmas with my family, I have to remember that Brad’s family will be my family too. And everyone has family members where they just kind of have to grin and bear it. Maybe one day I won’t have to do that. That’s my wish this Christmas.

On a happier note, this is my favorite time of the year for television! Everywhere you turn, it’s Christmas movies!

My top three Christmas movies:

  1. Elf! I can quote almost the whole movie!
  2. Home Alone Seriously, that movie is hilarious.
  3. The Santa Clause Funny, but also a feelgood kind of movie.

I’m also a big lover of Christmas music, though I’ll be honest. I prefer the more modern renditions of the classics. My go-to this Christmas has been Casting Crowns’ Christmas album Peace on Earth. It’s my absolute favorite!

I got an idea for a Christmas story that I might write while I’m on vacation about the holidays. The good, the bad, the ugly. I’ll share it here when I write it! I also really want to get some stuff done with my novel, Cover Up. I haven’t edited the document in 11 days now, according to G-docs.

Gasp! I know! I’m on a timeline for myself. And I need that thing done by the end of January! So I’ve gotta get some work done. Guess I need to make some rules. Like 2,000 words before I can go FINALLY watch the last Hunger Games movie tomorrow.

So here’s a toast to Christmas. 

I hope yours is as stress-free and as good of a time as possible. If not, well, you can hide vodka in a water bottle.


7 thoughts on “Monday Musings #3

  1. I’m calling it a win if I even add 100 words each day to my nano-novel now that we’re port Nano. You have some big goals for yourself. Then again my six year old didn’t close for two weeks, LOL.
    PS. Sometimes the in laws treat you better after you pop out a sprokett. Just saying, things could improve some day.

  2. I love Family Stone and have been so annoyed that it has been on television all year long and then in December, I can’t find it!!! Argh! It’s messy, awkward, and wonderful – love it.

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