Monday Musings #4

imageOn Coffee:

Let’s us talk about coffee for awhile.

The nectar of the gods, y’all, I swear.

I gave up caffeine a few months ago for a couple of weeks. I avoided the whole detox thing by popping Advil every 6 hours I was awake for, for 3 days. On the 4th day, I went without and miraculously woke up feeling great.

I grew up with a dad who worked for Coca-Cola. So to say I was raised on soda is an understatement. For the longest time, the position he was in meant free Coke products all the time. When he switched positions, not so much, but we still got them at such a deep discount, it’s all we ever drank!

So when I set out on my fitness journey (not going well yet) a few months ago, I realized the first thing I needed to kick were sodas. And sweet tea. The only way that was happening was to drop caffeine all together.

So I got through that, and for awhile, I felt great! But after a couple weeks, I just wanted to go back to the Starbucks down the street, so I could catch up with Deb the Barista and get my grande Blonde roast with a little half&half and 4 Splendas (omg don’t judge me. I know they’re terrible for you. I’m working on it!). Deb knew my name too. Goodness I go there way too much. But people keep giving me gift cards!


ANYWAY. I wanted coffee! It wasn’t the buzz I was missing from the caffeine, it was just the taste, and the warmth. And partly I missed my morning chat with Deb.

So I started drinking it again. But this time, with a vengeance! Naturally, I have found myself addicted to caffeine again, but this time it’s about 95% in the form of coffee.

I wake up in the morning, want some coffee.
Get home from work, let’s make some coffee!
Time for a snack after dinner, ‘Hey Brad, you want a cup of coffee?’

Since I’m on vacation, I find myself staying up later than usual. And I’m using this time to write. So here I am, sitting in front of my laptop, strongly considering brewing up a cup of coffee.

Perusing Twitter lately, I know this is a problem lots of writers have. Something about piping hot beverages sparking our inner muse. I don’t get it, but I like it.

I need to buy one of those reusable pods for my Keurig, because I’m running through K-cups super fast! And these darn things are expensive.

So in conclusion, coffee is great. And as long as it keeps not affecting my sleep cycles, I will continue drinking it whenever I feel like it.

Oh, look! Keurig is calling my name!


Do you drink coffee? Tea? What’s your favorite way to dress them up?




24 thoughts on “Monday Musings #4

  1. I have given up coffee many, many times. Once for an entire year while not eating sugar, gluten or dairy. No I don’t know what the bleep was wrong with me. My trainer swore if I did what he said I would lose weight. After a year, my knee was jacked up, my doctor said I had training burnout and I had only lost like five pounds. Never again. I currently follow a diet plan partly because the plan advises starting your day with coffee and not eating until after 12, which is what I like to do anyway. LOL

    • I keep trying and failing at Beachbody programs. I just have a weird enough work schedule that eating 6 times a day is impossible and then I can’t get all the food in. I’m not much of a meal prepper either. I’ll figure it out eventually lol

  2. I also had a relationship with my Starbucks barrista, Maria and I used to exchange Christmas and birthday gifts. I moved and when that Starbucks was no longer on the way to work, I decided to try to stop at another Starbucks and develop a less intimate relationship with my barristas there… and I failed, Joe and I aren’t exchanging gifts but he knows me by name! From time to time, I change my order but there’s always a hot beverage in the morning. (and I have, and strongly recommend, the reusable K-cup basket, I love it!)

  3. We have a regular old Sunbeam 12-cup (yeah, right!) coffee maker, and we usually end up making at at least two pots a day. When I get a coffee from our local coffee shop — Caribou Coffee — it’s usually a breve, which is a latte made with half-and-half instead of milk (you probably already knew that), ’cause it makes it extra creamy. And, oh, wow, does it make the car smell SO good!! Sometimes, if I get something larger than a 12 oz., I have them throw in an extra shot of espresso. If it’s one of those days, even the 12 oz. gets an extra shot.

  4. When I am away from home I miss my own coffee. Some make such a weak version that I forego it and just drink tea. I have never tried to stop but limited the number of cups during pregnancy. Caffeine does not affect me. I can drink it right before bed and snooze like a baby. I love the smell, the warming of my hands when I hold my cup, the combination of smell and taste, and feeling the coffee slowly warming my body. It does stir feelings and possibly that is what kicks many muses into action.

  5. I’m addicted to tea. Most days I do drink a cup of coffee(with chocolate syrup and milk because I always have chocolate syrup but sometimes forget to buy sugar), but hot tea is my go-to drink. I have a weakness for slushies as well during warm weather.

  6. This post is awesome. There is something about coffee that stimulates the mind and the senses and really does seem to help with writing. I add a non-dairy hot cocoa mix to my coffee and love the sharp sweetness it adds (it’s basically just cocoa and sugar). I also love tea, but it’s just not the same for me. There’s a ritual aspect to brewing a pot that centers and calms me as well.

  7. Coffee… I wake up, stumble to the kitchen, start the coffee, stumble back to my desktop, turn it on, then go and watch my coffee brew. Sometimes it takes forever. A long time ago, I would pour in sugar and cream, but I got used to having it black when I started paying attention to sugar and calories. I got used to it and now sweet coffee is sooo yucky. Green tea is good but it is not a substitute for a nice big mug of strong, black coffee.

  8. I drank it black for years and then, for some reason, started adding a drizzle of heavy cream. For one thing, I love to watch what the cream does after it’s added. It’s like watching a flower bloom. Makes me smile every time. Plus, I just love what the cream does for the flavor and mouthfeel of coffee. Skim milk can’t do any of that. I’ll drink coffee black at other people’s houses, though, usually because I feel weird about asking if they have any heavy whipping cream on hand.

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