Review: When Life Hands You a Lemon by Mike Hansen

SynopsisDan Lemon is a man of routine who has unknowingly lost his imageway. One fateful afternoon at work, he is introduced to three criminals who take him hostage and shake up his schedule.
Dan now only has one choice, to confront his life’s fears, failings and wants. Is one day enough to change your life?

Review // This book had some of the most interesting characters I have read in a long time. I read a lot of the same genre of novels (I really should branch out, but eh), and a lot of characters get lost in the story. By that I mean, making sure that the story is thrilling and has no plotholes, and ensuring that the story is keeping the reader reading, but in turn, letting characterization fall to the wayside. (Does that make sense?)

No, in When Life Hands You a Lemon, you’re immersed into a world of complicated, flawed characters. A contemporary world where the main character, Dan Lemon, has his meticulous routine ruined when he’s taken hostage and he has to  face the music: he might die. And with that, he battles with his past, his present, and whether he has a future.

The novel is a wonderful insight into Dan Lemon’s mind. By the end, you feel like you know this man and all of his quirks. You sympathize with him. You feel his pain. You feel his wife’s pain. You even feel something about the antagonists. And that is commendable writing.

If I had one complaint about this novel as a whole, there is a LOT of dialogue. Which is fine! There’s nothing wrong with that at all! However, sometimes, when three or four people were taking part in a conversation, I found myself lost as to who was talking. Every once in awhile wouldn’t have bothered me, but I found myself rereading sections of dialogue pretty often and I think it took away from the book.

And then the ending.  Ohhh the ending. I LOVE IT. Without risking spoiling any part of it, I will just say that it is perfect. You will turn the page, but it will be over, and you will sit and just reflect on this novel for awhile.

It makes you think about your own life and how you spend everyday. Do you have the same routine? Or do you live life on the edge? Dan Lemon and his ordeal will make you take a look at in the mirror and consider if you’re doing your life justice. And I think that is the sign of an author’s job well done.

4.5/5. Would definitely read again, and would recommend to all!

To buy When Life Hands You A Lemon, click here!

Note: I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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