Writing The End

Being on vacation has sparked a muse of sorts. I’ve written extra blog posts – most of which have been scheduled way ahead of time (I wrote Monday Musings #4 last Tuesday, haha!), and now, I’m proud to say that —

I have written THE END on COVER UP.

My NaNoWriMo ’15 novel is finished. Well, the first draft is. But it was hard to get down at some points! And after I went out of town for Thanksgiving, I lost my mojo. But engaging with the writer’s community on Twitter really encouraged me to  get back into it.

And look at me now! A crappy first draft is now sitting in my Google Docs.

It’s short right now, at only 40,693 words (I say only like that isn’t a feat in itself), but I know without even starting to reread that it needs fleshed out in a lot of spots. I’m writing this post at 1AM seriously considering going back for a first read right now. To add in words and sentences and paragraphs as I see fit. And THEN I can let it sit for awhile. Focus on WHERE I BELONG for awhile so I can get some distance from this monster.

COVER UP will need a hard rewrite. The first draft will more less be a map and not much else. But I want it to be a detailed and useful map, which is why I’m going to go back in tonight or tomorrow or something and add in some stuff.

I feel like this post is so disjointed, but dangit I’m ecstatic. I haven’t accomplished a THE END in so long. I’ve only gotten halfway through novels, and then I get away from it. Never finish it. I have so many unfinished novels sitting on my hard drive, most of which I don’t particularly care to finish anymore. But I was going to finish his one.

And right now I’m so glad I did. Is 1AM on a Tuesday a socially acceptable time to pop a Champagne bottle? Eh, I’ll just wait til New Year’s Eve.

Happy writing, friends!


18 thoughts on “Writing The End

  1. Congrats! Tagging a piece of writing with ‘The End’ is always a great feeling regardless of the draft’s quality. I haven’t finished mine because it needs a hard rewrite, too. I peeked at the beginning and surprise! I don’t hate it haha. But it isn’t anywhere close to what I envision.

    Good luck on your other projects!

  2. Congratulations! There is honestly no feeling in the world like writing THE END, especially doing it for the first time on a novel. 🙂

  3. WOW!!!!! Impressive. I got about 15,000 words on mine in NaNoWriMo month and then got stuck. But I am off for a week now so I am going to try and break through this blockage. Congratulations on finishing!!!!!

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