New Blog Title/Tagline

So I signed up for Blogging 101 this month, which is like a back-to-basics type of session for bloggers. While I’ve been doing this for a few months, I figured it couldn’t hurt to maybe learn some new stuff.

The assignment today involved setting up a title/tagline for your blog, which obviously I have had done for awhile now, haha.

BUT upon conversing with some other bloggers, I realized that my title did nothing to really pull a reader in, nor was it very descriptive to the subject of my blog. And my tagline was just kind of blah. So I did some searching and have come up with a semi-new identity.

I’ll decide in like a week if I like it or not. But for the time being, welcome to —



Let me know what you think! (I’ll play around with the picture/font color later too. I know it’s a tad hard to read.)

(And I’m so not getting rid of or changing Monday Musings. It just won’t fit perfectly with my blog title anymore. But that’s okay.)


40 thoughts on “New Blog Title/Tagline

    • It’s something to at least think about! I sure did NOT want to change my title lol, but after some real thought, I figured it might do me well. I edited my pic a little bit again, changed my tagline (for the last time!). Now I should be set. And I actually really like it!

  1. Yes, I like that title and the tagline, too. I deeply agree with you that good things do come when you are deprived of sleep. In fact, I’m writing this comment when I deprived of my sleep now at 4.00am Malaysian time.

  2. Monday musings would totally still fit, just start them all out with a picture or comment about what caffeinated beverage you’re drinking at the time, heh.

  3. I enrolled as well but I have to be honest, I really struggled with this particular assignment, the theme I picked doesn’t really display taglines and it’s the first theme I’ve managed to keep for longer than two weeks, Lol!

  4. I’ve been thinking about “re-branding” too. Or rather, updating my title to suit my blog. I like your new title/tagline, but the top banner cuts off the tagline on my Macbook. Also, I just realized that we started at the same time! *high-fives*

    • Yeah I’m having formatting issues with it. Some it cuts off the top, others the bottom. I’m gonna keep playing with it, but until I either change the theme or buy the domain, it may not be perfect. I’ll keep working though. Thanks for the feedback. And high five back! 🙂

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