WIP Wednesday: Where I Belong #1

So the first evening of NaNoWriMo this past year, I started to write Where I Belong from scratch, but realized I was too invested in the story, so I chucked that idea out the window and pantsed a new novel (read about that decision here).

I finally reopened the draft of Where I Belong that I started, and have decided to share the first chapter with you all, uncut and unedited.

It’s a little long, so I posted it on my Wattpad account. But upon realizing that you must have an account to view, I also decided to publish my G-docs document. The formatting is wonky on G-docs to me, but maybe that’s just my large computer screen making me feel that way.

Here’s a taste, and if you want to continue reading, follow one of the links at the bottom. If you have Wattpad (or want to create an account), select Wattpad. If not, select Google Docs. 🙂

Where I Belong

When I woke up this morning, something felt off. Like the room I was in wasn’t mine. But it definitely was mine. The huge ‘Molly’ sign above the door assured me of that. So then what felt wrong?

It was my dream. I barely remembered it anymore, but everything in my room was different. Instead of blue walls, they were purple. Instead of black curtains, they were white.

What if? No. It couldn’t be.

I rubbed my eyes, and then rolled out of bed and made my way into the bathroom. I put my contacts in, noting my extremely disheveled brown hair in the mirror, and then made my way out of the bedroom while trying to pat it down to a more presentable fashion.

Bacon. The smell hit hard once I opened the door from my bedroom. The popping in the kitchen made it even more evident that Dad was making breakfast. It made sense, I woke up right on schedule for the day.

We had a calendar on the fridge marking every important occasion that there was in our lives lately. Ever since I got in a car accident 6 months ago, life tended to be nothing but a bunch of doctor’s appointments and school. Band practice ate up most of my time lately, now that the appointments had subsided. I was healing wonderfully, they said.

Today was my big audition for the University of Texas Austin School of Music. I’d been working incredibly hard since my car accident to get ready for this day. It was tough, and most of my doctors told me I probably wouldn’t be ready in time. I just wanted to prove everyone wrong.

“Good morning, Molly,” Dad said from the kitchen. “Waffles or pancakes? I made both.”

I smiled and sat down at the breakfast bar. “I’d love a waffle,” I replied sweetly.

A plate was placed in front of me, holding a waffle, eggs and three strips of bacon. I did a three sixty in my stool and looked around the living room. It was a huge mess. The window was open, the curtains blowing in the wind. There were last night’s leftover pizza boxes still sitting on the coffee table. Dad looked pretty disheveled, his beard hair moving in every direction possible.

“Busy day today,” he said as he took a seat next to me. He picked up his newspaper. “Are you ready for your audition?”

“As ready as I can be.” I stabbed my fork through a piece of my waffle and put it in my mouth. Once it went down, I said, “Mr. Skinner thinks I’m definitely ready to go today. And I think so too. I’ve worked way too hard for this.

“Yes you definitely have.” He set his newspaper down and looked at me. “Molly, I know this year has been so hard for you. For all of us. You’ve done so much better than a lot of people thought you would, and I am so proud.”

“For what it’s worth, Dad, I’m glad I made it to this point. But I’m not gonna lie and say that I don’t still wish I could just remember everything.”

Did I mention that I have amnesia? I cannot remember anything from two years prior to my car accident. When I woke up after surgery, I internally went back to age sixteen. But I found out pretty quick that I didn’t have the liberty to stay in that mindset. It was getting around the time to figure out the next step in life. Where was I going after high school? In the midst of all the physical therapy, I also had to figure out how to move on emotionally.

I left a lot of memories behind. I tried for the first few months to remember who I was before the accident. But after so long, my family started pushing me to focus on the present. That pushing the memories was only going to drag me down. I had to move on, and I did.

I won’t lie though and say it was easy. Everyday I longed for my memories. But I was always being pushed away from them.

Continue reading:

Google Docs

As a first draft, I’d love feedback if you have any about how the novel opens. (Even if you didn’t click the link to keep reading.) I know it probably needs some fleshing out, but do you want to keep reading it? Or do you lose interest? Do I introduce the MC well?

Thanks for reading!

9 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Where I Belong #1

  1. I kept reading. It didn’t particularly grab my interest. I am wondering if she is going to get her memory back and just how well her parents really know her from those two years (in my experience – not very well at all). So that intrigues me. It also feels a lot like a movie I saw recently which might be throwing me off. You know that feeling of, hey, I saw this before….

  2. If isn’t read further than the post. I think this has potential, however, but it feels flat emotionally. For example, if you awoke in a room you felt wasn’t your own, I thin there would be more panic.

    Keep going though!

  3. There are definitely some good parts, but as with all first drafts there are fatty parts you will need go back and trim out to get to the point where it’s just all the meat bits. It has potential. The story confused me a bit though. So, she had an accident at I am guessing 18 and then lost 2 years of memory so that now she thinks she’s sixteen again, right? Then she was talking about a fight she had with someone back when she was 16 that it sounds like she doesn’t remember it, “But they also said that she and I had a huge fight when I was sixteen. It’s almost as though that was the last thing I actually do remember.” Shouldn’t she remember the things from when she was sixteen. Or did I get it wrong and she’s 16 and got knocked back to the memories of 14? That sounds wrong.

    As to the MC, she’s got strong points and weak points right now. I agree with the above poster that she wakes up, feels like she’s in a body that’s not her’s and then it’s like, ‘Oh well. Time to get up.’ That needs a bit more flushing. The other thing I would say is that this is a lot of history for one chapter. Put some of it out there, then get moving. History parts work better in pieces. I read somewhere that often times with books like this it’s good to write the first chapter, move on, then come back later and chop the first chapter in pieces and spread it out through the rest of the book. Why? Because authors feel a need to explain all the little details of the characters life and set up first before getting to the action. More often than not its the meat of the story that will connect us to your character rather than the details of their life.

    There is my two cents. Do with them as you will.

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