Monday Musings #7


On Distractions (hey! a butterfly!):

I sat down to write my Monday Musings post tonight (it’s 9pm on Sunday as I write), wrote a whole post, and then decided I didn’t want that to be my Monday Musings. So I finished that post, scheduled it, and then grabbed my iPad and pulled up Netflix. I told myself, eh. I wrote a blog post. I’ll write MM tomorrow. 

And I probably would, but I prefer to schedule my posts early in the morning. When people flip through their readers or emails in the morning, I want my post to be sitting there waiting for them. If I wrote it on Monday, I would be lucky to have it posted by lunchtime. Because my Monday morning schedule is wake up at 9:00(ish), do yoga, eat breakfast, drink coffee, go to work. I try not to write blog posts at work, especially now that we’re finally busy again.

So, before I started finally watching Person of Interest season 4, I locked my iPad and picked my laptop back up. I was going to write this post.

I tend to keep about 8-9 tabs open on my Chrome browser. So when I refresh all the pages again, I see 4 Facebook notifications. Gotta go respond to those!  And, oh look! Twitter notifications! What kind of spammy people followed me now? Oh! They’re not bots! Gotta follow back and go read some of their tweets. Oh, a DM! NO I won’t buy the book you’re spamming me with. Should I unfollow  you? Oh, you RT’d my tweet! I’ll keep you around for a little longer.

This continues for about twenty minutes before I finally force myself to close those tabs and focus on WordPress. Okay, new post open.

Oh, Brad’s playing Battlefront again. (I’m not a Star Wars fan [don’t kill me] but I sure do enjoy that game!) I give my best attempt at trying to help him (more like one of those annoying backseat drivers) and then he offers me the controller. Well, I can’t say no now. So I play a game, and then tell him I need to write this darn blog post.

I sit back down, grab my coffee, and ugh. It’s cold. I can drink iced coffee if that’s how I made it. But hot coffee turned cold? Yuck. Obviously, I need to fix this problem. So I get up and brew another full cup on top of the old stuff. Get it all fixed up with sugar and cream, and then plop back on the couch to write my blog post.

But now the dog is sitting by the patio door. She must need to go outside. So I grab my thick jacket (because winter finally decided to show up), put on my super cozy slippers, and go stand outside while she sniffs forever before finally deciding to do her business. We come back in, and as soon as I sit down again, I realize I, too, need to use the bathroom.

Finish that, sit down again. Start typing words. Drink coffee. My phone buzzes. Oh, look. It finally pushed all my emails through. My phone only seems to push emails every few hours now. Get through all those, but naturally, now I have my phone in my hand. So I check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Brad has just turned off the Playstation. He’s going to bed. Obviously, I need to go tell him goodnight. And like any couple who lives together, we…end up watching puppy videos for half an hour. (That’s seriously what happened.) He goes to bed, I take a shower, then come back out to my computer and find a funny Buzzfeed article.

Then I remember that HELL’S KITCHEN started up again! It’s playing in the background as I finally type these words right now.

This is my long-winded version of saying that distractions are so hard for me to fight through sometimes. It’s why I don’t succeed with my writing just yet. I need to really learn how to focus a hundred percent on writing for a little while, no distractions.

Not being able to focus is why I lost NaNoWriMo. And it’s all a personal issue. It’s something I cannot blame on other people.

I’ve got so many writing goals to achieve this year. I’ll do an update on where I’m at on those at the end of the month. But let’s just say that the items on the list that relied on me to be productive, I’m not on my way to completing them.

2016 needs to be a year of productivity. Not another year of doing nothing to better myself.

My goal for this week is to fight the distractions and get the next two chapters written for Where I Belong. I’ll let you know if I (WHEN I) make it happen.



11 thoughts on “Monday Musings #7

  1. I could have written this! Except I haven’t got a dog, or a Star Wars gamer. The rest is me though! Interesting you say about time of posting – I was concerned about that too, but then I thought about those readers who live on opposite sides of the world to me, and I decided it wasn’t always worth the effort. I have scheduled my last few posts to appear online about midnight my time, despite writing them throughout the day. Then most people in my time zone can see them in the morning, and others elsewhere might see them over lunch. I don’t know how much it matters, does anyone have advice?

    • That is a very good point. I’ve played with different time postings a little and felt like I got the most page views when I posted first thing in the AM on the east coast. Could be different for everyone though.

  2. I am the worst about distractions. I’m starting to make it a habit to turn off the WiFi on my computer when I’m working and type blog posts in to word, and use scrivener for any other projects. It seems to be helping, but I’m definitely with you on figuring out ways to be more productive and less distracted.

  3. Oh, here we go again with the musing 🙂 I would argue that you don’t actually ‘muse’, as it were, so I find myself forgiving you. Aren’t I nice 🙂 You made a wonderful point and I loved your descriptions of your distractions. They made me laugh as they piled up (except the part about not liking Star Wars… that… did… not… make… me… laugh.) We all fight distractions. The thing to remember is to reward yourself for the work you DO do and to notice it. Get those words down though. Some of us are waiting to read them for you 😉

    • I called it a musing because the title of my blog used to be Musings of Danielle, haha. 🙂 But yes, I do keep them on one related subject to the blog, so thank you for forgiving me. One day I may like Star Wars, but in all honesty, I’m not a huge fan of most Sci-fi/fantasy type movies or books. Just not my genre. Thanks for the encouragement! 🙂

  4. Distractions are the main reason I’ve been neglecting the novel I was writing for NaNoWriMo, the first draft of which I’ve yet to finish. I’ve been flirting with a new non-fiction book idea, and I have GOT to finish my novel, first. I was going to make this month my JaNoWriMo and get back to work on the novel, since I ignored it for most of December. I excused myself, thinking, “Well, December is such a busy month for us,” and it is. But I’ve not dived back in since the beginning of January. I’ve been stalling and allowing distractions — including my extended playdate with a new idea — to keep me from writing more for my novel. I haven’t made any New Year’s resolutions (I rarely do), but I’ll make it my goal, now, to finish my novel in time for my next birthday, which is a little less than a month from now. Then I can say I finished my first draft before my 43rd birthday. And then I can give myself an anxiety-ridden break before diving into the editing process. I’m off to get more coffee (whether I need it or not). 🙂

    • Get more coffee! 😉
      Yes, I totally understand that. I put off finishing my NaNo novel until the last two days of December. I told myself I HAD to finish this thing before 2016 started. So I drank lots of coffee, stayed up super late (thank goodness for vacation) and got to ‘the end.’ Editing though, yeah I’m putting that off for awhile, haha. I believe in you! Go finish your novel (so you can finally play with that shiny new one)! 🙂

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