Open Submission — Pitch Your Guest Post Ideas

I haven’t been around the blogging world long, but I’ve been around long enough to see that guest posts are quite a thing.

From what I’ve noticed and what I’ve read about them, they have a few pros and cons:


  • Fresh content
  • Different voices
  • Less posts for me to make
  • More exposure when the poster shares their post on my blog to their followers


  • The time you spend not writing posts, you spend editing the guest’s post.
  • Sometimes you have to be mean and reject peoples’ posts.

Well, at this point in time, I have a hard time coming up with cons.

I, for one, think (as of right now of course) that allowing guest posts is a great idea. We’re a community here, and I want to be able to let other people share their posts on my blog, and vice versa. That way we can find new bloggers to follow, with a beaming recommendation from someone we already do follow.

I think there are a lot of opportunities to be had by allowing for people to guest post.

Everyone is always looking for a way to get their name out there. My blog is not huge by any means, but I’m hoping it works its way up. Someone with a smaller blog can guest post here and get more exposure for themselves. On the flip side, someone with a huge following can guest post here and can get more exposure when they share the link with their followers.

Look, I think we all get the picture here –

I am opening submissions for guest posts.

Guest posters.jpg

My plan as it stands is that these will be shared on Fridays, for as long as I have people interested in doing this. I am going to add a page to my menu including a contact form and guidelines so that everyone is clear on what I’m looking for and how to submit your pitch.

Here’s the skinny:

  1. I’m only looking for original content. I have no interest in someone claiming I stole their work online. I also prefer that your post has not been published before to your own blog or somewhere else.
  2. Only one outsourced link is allowed, not including a link to your blog and social media accounts. I mean to outside websites/articles, etc.
  3. You must use the contact page or the guest post contact form on my blog to submit. Your message should include your name (username is fine), email address, and a pitch for your post. I’m not a literary agent, I don’t need something super polished. Just pique my interest is all.
    1. I will respond to the email and let you know if you should write a post and send it my way. 🙂
  4. After I’ve responded to your email asking for a post, you have 10 days to submit it to me.
    1. If you need longer, no problem! Just shoot me an email so I know. If you know it’ll be more than 10 days period, add that to your pitch email.
  5. All posts must be related to at least one of these three subjects. Wherever you go with them is up to your interpretation.
    1. Reading
    2. Writing
    3. Caffeinated beverages
  6. I prefer posts to be between 350-750 words.
  7. You are more than welcome to send along some pictures you’d like included.
    1. If you do not, I may add one or two in myself.

That’s all I’ve got right now, but I of course reserve the right to update those as I see fit.

So, to any awesome bloggers reading this post. Do YOU want a write a post and be featured on THE CAFFEINATED WRITER? Send me your pitch!

Click here to use my guest poster contact form.

7 thoughts on “Open Submission — Pitch Your Guest Post Ideas

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