Starbucks: My Second Office (Guest Post)

by Brent Jackson

dreamstime_xs_58237049 - Starbucks Cafe Interior


“When that first sip of coffee … touches your soul.” I see memes with this saying all over the internet. I have a few pinned to my Coffee Shop Stuff board on Pinterest. I love coffee! I love coffee so much, all I have to do is walk two blocks to my local Starbucks. The moment I open the door, I’m at my second office.

Think about it. A coffee shop is a special place. The smell of fresh coffee greets me the moment I open the door. The sounds of busy coffee machines and steaming milk fill my ears. The look of bar tops, tables and comfortable chairs inviting me to make myself at home. All that’s left is to order my coffee.

My favorite coffee drink is simple compared to others. I always get a Quad Venti White Chocolate. In case you didn’t know, a standard Venti has 3 shots of espresso in it. A quad adds of 4th shot to the mix. The extra kick helps get the creative juices flowing when I’m working in my second office. I have my Quad Venti and I look for an empty table.

I’m small potatoes compared to my wife. Every time she joins me, she orders a 6-shot whole milk latte with 8 pumps of classic sweet syrup. It can be iced or hot depending on her mood. Now this is a serious coffee drink!

I find a table, sit down and take my first sip of coffee. I’m surrounded by people. Faces staring at laptop screens. Fingers busy. Business people working on presentations. Students working on projects. Office workers checking email. I don’t know them personally. I don’t know what they’re working on. All I know is stuff is getting done! I get creative energy from this as well as the caffeine. This is the moment the coffee touches my soul.

Understand, I can get most work done anywhere. I have a laptop. As long as I have a
flat surface and some space, I can get things done. I can’t speak for all Starbucks but my local Starbucks has a vibe that makes creative work easy for me. The smells. The sounds. The right furniture. The power of caffeine. The feel of people accomplishing things. This is why my local Starbucks is my second office.

Where’s your second office … and does it have coffee?

Brent Jackson lives in Fairfax, VA and blogs at Maryland Travel Stories. Follow him on Twitter or Pinterest .


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12 thoughts on “Starbucks: My Second Office (Guest Post)

  1. Nice post! I’m more a tea guy, myself, but I too feel drawn to an environment in which I’m surrounded by people. Some might complain about the noise, but I find the coming and going stimulating. My kids are involved in numerous activities that give me an hour or two at a local coffee shop where I can create, read, and take the pulse of all that is around me!

  2. My second office is prolly wherever my phone is. My choice of drink is tea for daily work stuff but I do coffee on exam days. I used to binge in coffee and its caffeine effects started to drop so I would drink more. Eventually, my stomach couldn’t take its acidity so I switched to tea – way more gentle. It was hard though! Felt like I was in withdrawal. If there were a methadone version for caffeine withdrawals… lol

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