Monday Musings #11

On Inspiration:


I’ve had a pretty crappy month, not gonna lie. But what I’ve learned in the process of that is that sometimes when things suck, you’re opening the door to yourself as a writer to find some pretty good inspiration.

Now, let me tell you about my Friday night:

Once I knew that we were in for the evening, I popped open the bottle of wine I had just bought (funny story, while buying it, I made the cashier sad because of how young I was. Apparently she graduated from high school the year I was born. Can’t harsh my mellow though, I was already in a bad mood ha!). ANYWAY. Opened the wine, drank it and another bottle (this is not a common occurrence, I promise).

Started trying to read a book (do not recommend), and then decided that I was just going to watch TV. Normally I turn to the Food Network, but I needed something different.

Open up my DVR screen and BAM. Grey’s Anatomy was back!

I don’t know if any of you saw it, but I sobbed (no shame) and after watching it, I didn’t even delete it. I rarely watch things twice, that but episode was everything I love about thriller/drama genre type of stuff. That episode was my favorite, even beating out the Superbowl episode with the bomb, and the two-part plane crash episode, and the ferry crash episode. (I think we can sense a theme in my favorite episodes haha!)

I kept it on my DVR to use as inspiration. After I watched it, I wanted to write something so bad, but I was quite inebriated and even though I’ve written a post called ‘Write Drunk, Edit Sober‘, it doesn’t mean I’m necessarily going to DO it (not yet anyway).

I rewatched the episode this morning — snow day from work, yay! — and was once again SO INSPIRED. So I pulled open Where I Belong and wrote the next THREE CHAPTERS. And they’re GOOD!

This one’s been hard for me to continue. I think of WIB my baby; has been for several years. I just want to do it justice on a full first draft. I just have to put myself into the right mindset to do it. Which apparently I have figured out what that is.

I wonder if I watch it a THIRD time if it’ll get me going again? HA!

I think everyone has their own method of inspiring themselves to get words down. Sure, some or most days, you don’t need it. But others, the words just won’t come. Or you have a scene that you just need to be pumped up for.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with sitting down and watching some TV show or movie that’s perhaps in your genre, or maybe not, and getting the right kind of emotion turned on, and then going in strong with the writing.

I mean if it worked for me, it’ll work for anybody.

So if you need inspiration lately? Find a TV show or movie in your genre. Or check out this Buzzfeed post with quotes from authors. They’ll make you feel pretty good about yourself.

Yeah, there’s some quotes out there that tell you that you shouldn’t have to wait for inspiration or whatever. But you know what, every writer is different. No shame in using someone else’s successful writing to get you excited about what’s next for your own writing.

What’s inspired you lately to get writing?



14 thoughts on “Monday Musings #11

  1. I’ve been inspired to finish my novel by the end of the month due to this fellowship grant that’s been announced in my area and I really want to apply! I think I did about 2,000 words today (mainly editing and elaborating on some dodgy writing hahah), but still so much more to do!

  2. oh my gosh, I love, love, love Grey’s Anatomy! But it’s not exactly what get’s me inspired to write. For that I simply have to rewatch the documentary A year in the life of J.K. Rowling. I absolutely love it and by now I know it so well that I can even write while whatching it.

  3. During November when I started writing my fantasy novel, I loaded my iPod with all my favorite fantasy audiobooks to get in the right mindset/remind myself to be sure to think about certain things.

  4. I love that little comic. 😀 This has happened to me as well–there’s been times when I’ve felt really uninspired or stuck but when I watched a movie or TV show (sometimes in a completely different genre) I felt inspired again. I think sometimes we need a mental break from our work and that exposing ourselves to other forms of art gets us thinking in a different way. At the moment, I’ve been inspired by the storyline in the TV show called The Last Kingdom, which I found out is also a book series. It has a great main character, Uhtred and the story is just very compelling.

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