4 Days Left! Time to Go to Camp!

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Are you signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo? There’s still time!

I’m super thrilled about my project this go around. I will NOT be completely winging it like I did in November (because Cover Up is a MESS), plus I’m getting in some good therapeutic writing.

72387_10154021204002641_3686270217819729306_n.jpgThankfully, since the day I somewhat angrily came up with this brilliant idea for a novel, things are sooo much calmer. My wine consumption has returned to normal (like I did NOT try to drink red wine out of a chocolate easter bunny like the Internet suggested – even though I had both a hollow chocolate bunny AND a bottle of red wine at home).


We’re super focused on saving money now and trying to figure out what the next step is career-wise for me. Cue existential crisis, but I had one yesterday so we don’t need to do that again today.

I Should've Gotten Eloped (1)No. Today is about my excitement for Camp NaNo.

I’ve come up with a crappy synopsis that will probably rewrite itself when I actually start writing the story, but in the meantime, I will share:

I Should’ve ElopedA tale of everything that can go wrong between the engagement and the wedding.

After an exciting engagement, Gabby embarks on the adventure of a lifetime: planning the modest wedding of her dreams. Armed with the best group of helpers she can find, including her mom, sister, and two best friends, plus the secret Pinterest board she’s had since before she even had a boyfriend, they set out to conquer.

But it doesn’t take long before Gabby discovers that no matter how modest your intentions are, it doesn’t take much before the idea of a wedding begins to sound like a disaster waiting to happen.

Will Gabby and Mason make it through an eighteen-month engagement without calling the whole thing off and eloping at the courthouse? Mason doesn’t think so, but Gabby will do everything to prove him wrong. Even if it means drinking three bottles of wine a week to get through it.

I am not completely pantsing this one, so I’ve written some character descriptions, as well as a very basic outline (i.e. a series of events). Haven’t gone into much detail with that but it’ll flesh itself out. Just have to figure out which parts are actually important and which ones aren’t.

It’s mostly nonfiction, but it’ll be … embellished. Because for the record, I was never drinking 3 bottles of wine a week. There was the DAY I drank 3 bottles but that was unrelated. I also ate an entire medium pizza and an 8-piece order of chicken wings. I let go of myself for 24 hours haha.

I’ll post some fun Camp-prep related posts over the next couple days and then Friday I will let the writing commence!

Happy Monday friends!


17 thoughts on “4 Days Left! Time to Go to Camp!

    • Maybe I’ll go into that! Haha. Or my parents considered buying/building a gorgeous venue for weddings and then charging people $4000 to use it. :/ smh the whole wedding industry in general is ridiculous haha

  1. After hesitating for weeks, I finally signed up for Camp NaNo, and I’ve been swapping notes with the members of my cabin today (I opted to be surprised by my cabin assignment & fellow cabin members). I finished the 1st draft of my novel for NaNoWriMo, but I’ve made so many changes since then, I’ll be using this year’s Camp NaNo to write a draft with the changes I’ve made. I have a rough outline, and I keep adding to it. It’s also fun to write voice journal entries for my characters. I’ve gotten to know them better since last November, and I’m hoping this month will be a productive one. Here’s hoping we both — and all Camp NaNo participants — make the most of it and enjoy the ride! 🙂

  2. That sounds like a very relatable story line! I was tempted to try Camp Nano this year but I’ve gone for NaPoWriMo instead.

    My wedding was nice and all, but it was a lesson in everything that could go wrong! The mother in law taking over planning, without being asked of course; the photographer not turning up; my father’s repeated insistence that if my cousin could get a cheap second-hand wedding dress then why wouldn’t I; our car breaking down and needing repair work so we spent a large portion of our honeymoon at the mechanics… That said, I’m still happily married 14 years later so we got one thing right at least. Lol

  3. Wow, I didn’t realize it was so close to April. Time flies. I’ll also be doing Camp NaNo this year too. I’m in the middle of rewriting my NaNo ’15 novel but am excited to embark on a new one as well! Your novel sounds great 😀

  4. Sounds like you’re going to have some fun this April! I like your synopsis. I’ll be doing Camp as well. The mojo was there last week, but for whatever reason, it’s beginning to wane ): But I’m trudging through regardless with a 20k word count goal. Good luck with Camp, I’m looking forward to your udpates!

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