When Things Start Coming Together (Finally)

It’s been a wild year so far.

And while the in-law drama remains (one sister in law isn’t even coming to the wedding, ugh), everything else seems to finally be piecing itself together.

My computer is fully functional again.

I finally brought it to a place with good Internet (note: work ;)) and after hours of backing my files up onto my new external hard drive (just in case), I ran the Windows 10 update to my computer. Mine was still running Windows 7 and so many things weren’t working anymore. It took several tries to get the download going, and then about 3 hours to finish, BUT my computer is updated and things are WORKING AGAIN.

Some things need to be reinstalled (I already got iTunes and for the first time in a year I was able to put new music on my phone again! Yay!), and I’m going to have to downgrade my Microsoft Office because of that. :/ I don’t have my product key anymore but I know someone who can get Office 2007 so I’ll take it over nothing.

The Sims is working again, so expect me to waste most of today after work doing that haha (already planning to find the outlet at the laundromat too).

I’m so glad I don’t have to worry about shelling out for a new computer quite yet. For sure I’ll buy one before I start teaching, but until then, this one will suffice.

An addendum to this post about how I tried to reset the settings on my laptop and ended up killing it for good. 

My new Macbook Air will be here on Friday. 😉

There has been no wedding drama lately.

This one is huge because the drama was starting to cause more problems in my life. But since we postponed it by a few months, we’ve had more time to pay things off and save for other things.

We’ve finally told the in-laws that we’ll be having alcohol at the reception (at least 2 kegs), and they’ve accepted it AS LONG AS no one drinks anything at the rehearsal dinner that they’re paying for. A fair compromise in my opinion.

We’ll just drink afterwards while we set the hall up haha. (my mother’s suggestion, seriously)

I’m starting revisions on Cover Up. Finally.

I finally bit the bullet and printed this baby out. It’s short at 40,000 words, but it needs a TON of work anyway so we’ll see. I’m gonna go steal a red pen from somewhere and get to work on it as soon as my urge to play The Sims is gone.

This is huge for me because after I finished this one, I hated it. Part of it just don’t make sense. Like why the eff is there a terrorist attack at some diner in Texas? Word count, that’s why. Oh, NaNoWriMo.

and last but definitely not least,

We will be moving to the great state of Texas on July 29. 

This is the most exciting news of all. I’m so thrilled to be moving back close to my extremely supportive family, who would absolutely want my fiance to be apart of their family photos (note, the in-laws do not want me in theirs). We’re moving 20 minutes away from poker nights, free dinners, and most of all support.

Brad has some interviews lined up, and I’m exploring my options. A new public library branch is opening in September (perfect timing!) and are hiring so I put in my application and I’m crossing my fingers they’ll consider me even though I won’t be in town until August 1. If I can get that job, I’ll put a hold on my teaching license plan. Really good money in the public library down there.

If that doesn’t pan out though, I’ll likely end up bartending while I work on my teaching license. If that timeline goes as planned, I’ll be a middle/high school English/Language Arts teacher starting the 2017/18 school year! 🙂

Exciting times, my friends!

I hope you all are doing well, and thank you for sticking with me during some tumultuous times. I promise to try hard as I can NOT to let this blog fall to the wayside. You are all so wonderful.



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