Eight Week Challenge with The Caffeinated Writer

Greetings and happy (early) Memorial Day!

I have eight weeks left to go at my job until my last day, and then we are on the road to Texas just one week later.

Before I leave Virginia, I really want to make some productive changes in my life. Take all the things I’ve committed to this year and actually accomplish some things!

This year, my new year’s resolutions involved losing weight, reading more, and writing more.

At different parts of the year, I’ve attempted to focus my attention on one of these goals, but (like always) a week later I’d lose interest.

Which brings me to my eight week challenge.

the caffeinated writer

Beginning tomorrow, Monday, May 30th, I will focus on 3 things daily.

  1. Read More
  2. Write More
  3. Work on my Health

Read More

I will work on trying to read for at least 30 minutes a day. Any work by another person will count. I hope to continue working my way through my humongous reading list.

Write More

I’ve really slacked on the writing ever since I finished Cover Up at the end of December. I am going to try to write at least 500 words a day. These can be for a new story, a piece of flash fiction, or an edit to a previously written work. Maybe 500 turns into more, or maybe not. But anything is better than the 0 words I’ve been producing lately.

Work on my Health

I, like every other person in the world unhappy with their weight, resolved to lose weight in January, especially for my wedding. It’s easier said than done, for sure. My biggest flaw is fast food. I rarely ever want to come home and make my own lunch, or pack one to take with me to work. So I end up at Subway (hello 1000 calorie sub) or McDonalds or something. I also rarely work out. With this goal, I am really going to focus on myself. To eat better, to perhaps try meal prep, to make a workout schedule and stick to it. My goal is to lose 15 pounds before we move, but more so than anything, to just get some self-confidence back.

I am inviting all of YOU, my followers, to join me in this 8 week challenge to a better us. Whatever your goal is! To read, write, blog, lose weight, rule the world! Imagine what you can have accomplished in eight weeks.

I think the biggest key to accomplishing goals is the support you have. If anyone wants to join me in this challenge, comment below and then hop over to my contact form and shoot me an email. We can be accountability buddies!

I hope to get some responses. But either way, I will post weekly updates on my progress. Whether I had a perfect week, or I slipped. I encourage any other interested parties to do the same and use the tag ‘eight week challenge‘ so we can track each other’s posts.

The support and encouragement from the community will push us to July 22nd and I know at least I will be ready to take on Texas with confidence.


20 thoughts on “Eight Week Challenge with The Caffeinated Writer

  1. I’m currently doing a challenge that will end on the 4th. My next one starts immediately after so if you don’t mind me being a week behind, I’d like to sign on to rock this challenge with you. 🙂

  2. Best of luck with this! I’ve been working on similar goals lately and have found that I eat better when I prepare my lunch for work the night before so that I’m preparing it when I have plenty of time to think about what goes in it. Plus that gives me more time to prepare it if I want to do something that takes more time than it does to slap together a PB&J and run.

  3. I have been doing attempting to do something similiar and have managed to do a 30 minute workout almost everyday since February (aside from sick days, injuries, rest days), but have skimped out on the reading and writing parts. I fall back into the binge watching habit! But you know, reading 30 minutes a day and setting a 500 word count goal per day is simple. Big goals I sometimes find overwhelming, I like the challenge!

  4. This challenge sounds really great good luck! I’d love to do something similar, but for the next eight weeks it will be hardly possible for me to write much (or work out regularly) because it interferes with holidays, lot’s of social events and the writing of term papers and my Bachelor thesis. Anyway I will try this challenge with the following: finish all three of my term papers, write two blog posts each week, write 15 pages (out of 20) for my Bachelor thesis.

  5. This is a great idea! I also need to lose weight, read more and write more. We have the exact same goals! I’d love to track each other’s accountability!

  6. Working together is a good idea. I need to lose weight to fit into my costume for the Star Trek convention in August. I’ve already cut down eating, so I will challenge myself to get exercise by walking or gardening at least 1/2 hour every day. Good luck to all!

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