Fiction Friday #3


Woohoo I actually read some books this week!

As I mentioned in my last 8 Week Challenge update, I’ve been sacrificing my reading time for writing time. As it appears, for at least 4/7 days this week, I’ve swapped that around completely. Oops.

I do still have the weekend to try to turn that around though, and I’ve got some writing plans to get done. But you’ll read all about that for my next update.

Here is what I read this week:

The Hunger Games Trilogy


For what it’s worth, I’ve seen all of the movies and I intentionally put off reading the books until the series was finished with cinematically. I’ve discovered that for me personally, I prefer to see the movie before I read the book.

Some of you may find that to be blasphemous. But in my opinion, seeing the movies first gives the books a completely different feel. I already know the storyline, the characters. When you read the book AFTER seeing the movie, you get to read more in depth about the plot. About the main character’s inner feelings. You get to discover new characters that were not included in the movie for whatever reason (i.e. most of the minor characters from district 12 – Madge, Greasy Sae, Darius, etc.).

I even find it interesting to see how they completely changed the scenes up so that it made for better cinema (when they go to save Peeta from the capital, for example).

Overall, I found the books to be enticing, and incredibly hard to stop reading. I appreciate the 5th grade reading level, for sure. Interestingly enough, I learned that a lot of school districts in the US are using The Hunger Games (the first book) as required reading for 9th grade English. I kind of see why based on the subject matter.

Fun fact: The Hunger Games has made the Top 10 Frequently Challenged books in the US 3 times! Source

In 2013, #5 for “Religious viewpoint, unsuited to age group” 
In 2011, #3 for “anti-ethnic; anti-family; insensitivity; offensive language; occult/satanic; violence”
In 2010, #5 for “sexually explicit, unsuited to age group, and violence”


Definitely not a supporter of banned books myself.

Overall, I really enjoyed the series. And I’m going to reward myself next week IF I get a good amount of writing done, and watch all the movies again.

So that is all I read this week, but now I’m back into reading again.

What did you read this week?


4 thoughts on “Fiction Friday #3

  1. The Martian. I find myself stubbornly not doing things that everyone is doing. I know.
    But I finally read it and now I wish I had read it earlier because I knew he got off the planet from all the pop media talk so there was no worry for me.

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