Eight Week Challenge: Update 3

the caffeinated writer

Hello friends!

I’ve determined that I am indeed correct in that by creating this challenge, I’ve made these weeks seem to go by super fast. I made the mistake of counting how many days were left until we move to Texas (we’re at 39 today!) and now I’m panicking and feel like I need to start packing everything. It’s seriously too early though.

I have been cleaning pretty hardcore though. The kitchen is almost move-out ready as far as things being cleaned. The oven, the fridge, the floors. Just gotta get all our crap out of it haha.

We’ve got some people looking at our apartment this afternoon. I hope they take it. Because I’m already tired of people coming to look at it. Cleaning it, making sure I’m there to get the dog out of the way. Ugh.

Okay, enough complaining. It’s update time. For the end of week 3:

To refresh your memory, my eight week challenge involves pushing myself to make some good changes and form some healthy habits for myself. For me, this is so that when I move, I feel like I’ve made some accomplishments and I’ve set myself up for success in Texas.

My challenges to myself were to read 30 minutes a day, write 500 words a day, and work on my health.

Read 30 minutes a day:

I definitely went over my goal on this last week. Reading for hours a day because I got fully immersed into The Hunger Games series. So yay!

Write 500 words a day:

Naturally, I traded off my priorities last week and read lots but wrote none. I’ve gotta figure out how to get to the middle ground here, so I can accomplish both. I’ve still got lots of time left in this challenge to figure this out.

Work on my health:

This one I continue to have problems with. But I really want to see some results. I’ve packed my lunches and snacks for the next few days, and I’m going to give another shot to working out at home. Because dammit I’ve at least got to FIT into the wedding dress that I bought…

So this week:

  • Read AND write everyday. Whether it hits my goal daily or not doesn’t matter as much as just getting into the habit of doing both.
  • Stick to the plan with food and exercise. No. Fast. Food.

Make sure to check out the progress of everyone else who’s jumped onto the eight week challenge! And if you want to join in, it’s not too late. There are still 5 weeks left to go! That’s a lot of time to make some good changes!


4 thoughts on “Eight Week Challenge: Update 3

  1. The health part of my challenge is proving to be my biggest…er…challenge, I guess. I’m at least up to filling in my food log as soon as I scarf something down (I’ve added calorie counts starting today @_@…good grief, lol). I’ll be back to meal prepping breakfast and lunch (at least) on Sundays so going into next week, I’ll be back on track to reducing my calories and controlling my portion sizes. :-).

    Meanwhile, your updates keep me going forward so thanks! Continued success.

    • The health part is definitely the most challenging. I’ve slowly worked my way up, and I’ve made some realizations. So hopefully at least the last half of the challenge I’ll have some success in that department. Glad I could help, and good luck! 🙂

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