Eight Week Challenge: Halfway Update

the caffeinated writer

Whelp, here we are.

The halfway point.

*insert panicked emoji face*

I can’t say that so far this adventure has been either successful or a failure. I can say I’ve made some progress in all three goals, but overall, I have not really come close to the ultimate goal of creating good habits for myself before the big move to Texas.

Here’s my week 4 report:

To refresh your memory, my eight week challenge involves pushing myself to make some good changes and form some healthy habits for myself. For me, this is so that when I move, I feel like I’ve made some accomplishments and I’ve set myself up for success in Texas.

My challenges to myself were to read 30 minutes a day, write 500 words a day, and work on my health.

Read 30 minutes a day: Like last week, I read a pretty good amount. I FINALLY finished Lord of the Flies (fwiw, I liked the first 60 pages. Then it lost me. Took me a month according to Goodreads to finish lol), and worked my way along the classics. I’ll tell you more about my reading list during Fiction Friday this week. 🙂 So for this goal, it was a definite check.

Write 500 words a day: Nope. Again. I didn’t write anything. I’m debating a last minute entry into Camp NaNo, although I tried that in April and then wrote 125 words all month. So we’ll see. Because taking on Camp NaNo the same month I’m moving across the country? Hmm… BUT I really do want to work on this goal more. Being able to read AND write everyday.

Work on my health: FAIL. I packed my lunches, had everything planned for the week. But that didn’t change anything. I ate two of the lunches, none of the snacks. Spent money on fast food (that I can’t afford lol), went to Starbucks 3 times. UGH. This one is the hardest for me. I’ve had my successes in reading and writing over this challenge, but I’ve yet to have a good week on this goal. IT’S TIME TO CHANGE THAT.

I realize that my failures on some goals for the week come down to me, myself, and I. I just haven’t truly committed to fulfilling all of the goals everyday. I don’t even make an excuse, ya know. Just don’t do it.

This week I’m not going to set any individual goals. Just to do my best to fulfill all 3 goals everyday for at least half the week. Read, write, work out, eat well. It all comes down to ME.

Make sure you check in on my friends also working on their own version of the Eight Week Challenge!


One thought on “Eight Week Challenge: Halfway Update

  1. You and I struggle with alot of the same issues, so I feel your pain. I think one of the most important lessons I’ve learned is to forgive myself and move on, when I miss the target.

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