Fiction Friday #4


Got a pretty good chunk of reading done these past two weeks. Crossing things off my expansive reading list. So exciting!

Here’s what I read recently:

Animal Farm – I don’t explicitly remember reading all of this one in high school (or middle school. I don’t know what reading list this one is on lol). I feel like I would remember it because it was really short. I was pleasantly surprised at how short it was. A quick, powerful read for sure.

And no, it isn’t actually about talking farm animals haha.

Definitely recommend if you haven’t read it in awhile. I finished it in like 2-3 hours.

1984 – I know I started this one in high school, but that’s it. It’s long (my copy was 313 pages, 283 of prose), and crazy dense. I mean, it has to be. It’s all about oppressive societies and whatnot. It took me a few days to get through, but at no point did I want to slam it shut (or violently click off my iPad because I rented the eBook from the library lol) and stop reading (like Lord of the Flies, my god). It really made you think, ya know.

Orwell seemed to be my pick lately. He’s pretty damn good at that.

If you skipped this one in high school, READ IT. It’s so good when you’re not forced to do so.

Got some more books checked out from the library already. Hoping to have enough for a Fiction Friday #5 next week!

What did you read this week?


4 thoughts on “Fiction Friday #4

  1. Danielle, you read two good ones. It has been years since I’ve read either and I think Animal Farm was my favorite. As for what I read, I just finished going over my highlighting of “How Proust Can Change Your Life” by Alain de Botton. I first read and highlighted it in 2014 and every so often I go back over it and it still resonates with me.

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