Eight Week Challenge: Update 5

the caffeinated writer

The closer the end of this challenge comes, the faster it goes.

And the faster the challenge goes, IT MEANS IT’S ALMOST TIME TO LEAVE.

We’ve got 3 weeks left of the eight week challenge, which means I’ve got 3 weeks left at work, and just 4 weeks left of Virginia living. I’m already starting to miss out the view from my back patio:


Photo credit: ME

So how has my challenge progressed this week? Well, no better than the last few weeks it appears. Let’s break it down.

To refresh your memory, my eight week challenge involves pushing myself to make some good changes and form some healthy habits for myself. For me, this is so that when I move, I feel like I’ve made some accomplishments and I’ve set myself up for success in Texas.

My challenges to myself were to read 30 minutes a day, write 500 words a day, and work on my health.

This week:

Read 30 minutes a day: Check. And for once, it was actually every day. I made a visit to the public library and read like a maniac all week. I’ll have another edition of Fiction Friday for you later on this week.

Write 30 minutes a day: Nope. Not at all. I did sign up for Camp NaNoWriMo though, with a small goal of 10,000 words. So I’m aiming to start writing soon. I plan to work on the short story I’m editing from high school. The week starts now, so I’ve gotta get some writing in today!

Work on my health: Nah. Like the last few weeks, I haven’t gained, but I haven’t lost. Which is not terrible news, but dangit I need to lose. I’ve at least gotta be down to the weight I was when I bought my wedding dress! So I really want to focus on this one a little more.

No individual goals this week. I need to focus on them all. 3 weeks left means it’s time to crunch down so I can feel (more) accomplished at the end. I’ve already made some great strides, so no matter what, I’ll feel better at the end.

Make sure to check out the journey of my friends also taking on the 8 week challenge:

Have a great week!


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