It’s NaNoWriMo Time Again!


Greeting, loyal followers, and long time no see!

Holy crap, it’s already October!

So in the last 2 months, we’ve obviously moved and settled into our new home in Texas. I’m stuck waiting tables again while I deeply consider what it is I want out of my future. The teaching certification is still on the table, I’m just trying to figure out if that’s REALLY the commitment I want to make.

I have troubles with commitment.

NOT to my fiancé, Brad, though. We are still getting married in less than 3 weeks! The 22nd of THIS MONTH is the big day! Things are falling into place, and actually living in the same town as we’re getting married in has been such a relief on everyone’s sanity.

So things for me right now are great. Hectic, but I’m not complaining at this moment.

So since after the wedding I’ll be twiddling my thumbs with no real project to work on anymore, why not jump into another NaNoWriMo session?

Do I have any idea what I want to write? Heck no. Will I end up pantsing it hardcore like I did last year? Most likely. But I just remember when I typed ‘THE END’ last year and the sheer joy I felt when I completed something that I committed to.

And now that I’m settled down in one place for a long period of time, how fun would it be to take part in some local NaNo events and make some friends in town with similar interests?

So that’s really all I’ve got for right now. I hope to update more often, but with the wedding less than 20 days away, I make no promises. I’ll be back at 100% after the big day though!

Are you doing NaNo this year? What are you writing about?
Feel free to add me as a buddy! My NaNo Profile


7 thoughts on “It’s NaNoWriMo Time Again!

  1. I did Nanowrimo last year (where I first met you) and it was the best experience! I still hope to edit the book for publication someday because I loved how it turned out. But the best thing about it was doing it, pushing myself, letting the writing flow without considering anything but the story. Good luck this year and keep us posted!

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