Using Writing Software

So considering that I am not the most dedicated year-round writer as of yet, I have never played around with different writing softwares before. But I was scrolling through the NaNoWriMo Sponsor Offersย today and decided I was going to utilize one of the free trials to see if this helps enhance my novel-writing experience.

I know Scrivener is the big one that a lot of people use. I see posts about it all the time from blogs I follow. I watched the introduction video and honestly felt super overwhelmed. Maybe one day I’ll be more in tune with software of this kind that Scrivener will have what I need, but right now, I’m looking for something really straight-forward.ย 

So I found the link to Ulysses for Mac. They also share an introduction video on their website, and while there’s still a lot going on, I think this one seems the most intuitive for me. And I LOVE that it syncs via iCloud to all my Apple devices so I can work on the go. Slow night at work? I could stow away in the back and type up a few lines. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 11.57.36 AM.png

So here’s a current screenshot of my project. Obviously I’m very well prepared for next month (LOL), but I like that I can have different subgroups (and those can have subgroups too) just for plotting my ideas out. I still may do a lot of plotting on paper, but then I can type up my notes and have them stored in one place for easy access.

They’re offering a free trial to last until December 7th, and it’s already live so you can start playing around with it now. Scrivener’s NaNo trial will also be up soon, according to their website.

Do you use any kind of writing software? What do you use, and what do you like about it?


13 thoughts on “Using Writing Software

  1. I felt nothing but overwhelm whenever I tried Scrivener (for two different trial periods). I didn’t warm up to it, really, until I uploaded the work I’d done for my nonfiction book and saw how it brought all the parts of my book together and also made it easy to work on individual parts (chapters, front and back pages). I hope Ulysses works well for you. It took me years to warm up to Scrivener, and even now, I don’t use nearly all its features — only the ones I need. I ignore the rest and whenever I’ve tried watching long tutorial videos on how to use it for fiction, I nearly fell into a coma from boredom and had to close them to save myself. The short tutorial videos on the website I can handle, though. Have a great NaNoWriMo! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I thought this post was very thought provoking. I don’t use any writing software, other than Word; but then, I don’t get much writing done. I even tried allocating one hour a day on my electronic calendar, but I just close it when the reminder pops up.

  3. Scrivener is amazing. It might be a little overpowered (so many bells and whistles!!) but it’s pretty incredible. I like having everything all in one place.

    I’m curious to hear how Ulysses works for you once you get into it more.

  4. I used Novlr last year and I did really well by it. They are continually making improvements after nano instead of the $5 a month fee (they were increasing it to 10 or 7 I think to be more competitive with similar programs) I had the chance to do a one-time lifetime fee when the opportunity came up which worked out for me better. I can’t wait to crack that out again. I was too blocked to do Camp Nano this year – tried, but the itch is back and a really fun idea came to me tonight. So I’m gong to see. If I get disrupted because of my transplant so be it. I’ll live, but I want to try. It made me smile seeing you on my writing buddies list so I knew I wanted to head over to your blog to see what you were thinking about this year ๐Ÿ™‚ But novlr is good for me because it has useful features but is still distraction free enough, plus allows me to export backups easy. Which is great. So I can read through on a PDF after I let things rest and then make changes easily if I want.

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