On Being In A Slump


Ok so here’s my personal, honest post about life.

I haven’t written anything since NaNoWriMo last year. I haven’t read a book since July.

I’m in a life slump.

See after we moved, I ended up back waiting tables for awhile so I could take some time to get used to living in Texas again, and so I could figure out what my next move was career-wise. I have a bachelor’s degree and, um, a lot of a debt from college.

I let myself get into my own head.

I considered the librarian option, but to commit ANOTHER $20,000+ dollars and 1.5-2 years of my life towards getting a master’s degree is a huge commitment. And what if I hate it?

And then I considered the teacher route. I can do alternative certification in Texas pretty quickly, and the salary for teachers where I’m at is pretty good. Starting in the mid-50k range. But what if I suck at teaching? I know it’s all things I’ll learn before they actually let me teach, but lesson planning terrifies me. And being responsible for that many kids for 180 days/year. THAT’S SO MUCH RESPONSIBILITY.

I laugh at myself because I know that whatever path I choose, I’m going to be great at it. Sure it’ll take some getting used to. But I immerse myself in everything. Many nights, I enjoy waiting tables. I meet many different kinds of people, I’m a good worker so I have a good relationship with my staff and managers, and I make pretty good money when we’re busy. But I can’t do it forever. Some weeks I make $200. Some I make close to $500.

I need stability. And so does my husband! I need to have stable hours, stable income. We have so many goals. To buy a house by Spring 2018 (and then get another dog, yay!). To be able to travel. Kids? Not sure about that one yet but we’ll see.

I’m so glad for my super support family, friends and husband. Working the opposite hours lately has been hard for us, but we’re making it. I feel so much pressure from MYSELF to make a decision about my future now.

I’ll be 25 on Thursday. We start a new year 2 weeks from today. I really want to start the new year with a plan.

So that’s where I’m at.

I really want to get back to blogging regularly. Touching base with like-minded people feels so great. I WILL pull out of this slump.

But first I have to wrap Christmas presents and write my thank you cards. LOLOL



12 thoughts on “On Being In A Slump

  1. I completely understand. Moving does this to you. Tip: become a substitute teacher to experience the classroom and watch the regular teachers schedule, plan, and resolve issues. That will give you an idea of what to expect.

  2. Hello! Welcome back — you were missed 😉 I would encourage you guys to travel now — before more animals or children — unless you’re going to do a tiny house or live off of bikes 😉 It’s easy for my to say that — I just paid off my college loans {with a masters degree, yes} last month and I’m over 40 😉 My advice? Do what you love!! Good to see, congratulations on your wedding and beginning married life!

  3. Coming up with a schedule can often help, puts you in a routine and takes a bit of stress off your shoulders. I think what’s important is to really just have a conversation with yourself, “what do I really want out of life?”, then go from there. I don’t think we ever truly stop wanting that bit more, that greener grass, but we can strive to keep perfecting our present. Hope 2017 brings some answers 🙂

  4. Don’t beat yourself up! You have plenty of time to reach your goals. You are doing fine!
    As a librarian, I would encourage you to try to work or just volunteer at a library. Try different types of libraries and see if you like it before you commit the money. You want to know you can get a job after you graduate so focus on getting a job, even if not a full professional job, in a library before you start the degree. It’s a rewarding job, but there are a lot of people with degrees who never get a job.

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