On the Second Day of NaNoWriMo…

this author gave to youuuu…

a sparkly book cover and a kinda-but-not-really-synopsis of her project this month!


“Life is a big question mark, and anyone who thinks they have all the answers is wrong.”

Life after high school is a scary place, full of dark, twisty caverns of unknowns and questions. Mariah can’t seem to see past the darkness. Instead of fighting against the world, she’s in a constant battle against her mind. How can you win in the real world when your mind keeps telling you you’ll always be a loser?

Something about creating a book cover makes me feel really attached to a project. Like I can’t just forget it exists, because it has a cover. It almost exists as a book already.

I also LOVE sharing book covers when I make them, which then causes all my friends and family to constantly ask, “When can we read your book?”

Of course this year I also have my 150 7th grade students asking the same. Yesterday, my word count on the board showed 325 when they all left. This morning, it read 2,205 and they were all in awe, haha!

I challenged myself and told them when they came in Monday it would say 10,000 so I’m doing my best to stay true to my word (because they’ll surely ask)!

I got a few word count updates from students today, but our first official check-in is Monday. We’re not doing NaNo YWP through the website (we’re not 1-to-1) so most of them are handwriting.

From the 8 (out of 64) who gave me word counts today, they are at 4,951 words, or .84% of their goal. (If you include my word count and goal, we’re at 1.19%) These numbers will sound way more amazing on Monday, though, and I’m so excited to see the word counts as they come in!

Me personally, at the moment I am sitting at 3,673 words, so slightly ahead of the daily goal. I’m in the midst of word wars with an online group though, so that may be a higher number before I head off to bed.

So far, things are great! Here’s to hoping they STAY great!

How’s NaNo going for you so far? Share in the comments below, and happy writing!

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