The Winning Has Begun!

It’s time for another update, and so close to the last one!

Exciting times are among us, y’all. EXCITING TIMES. I invited students to update their word counts and revise their goals, and there are some BIG CHANGES TO TELL YOU ABOUT.


Total Words Goal:452,03361
Total Words Written:104,162
% of Total Goal22.57%

104,162 WORDS!

WHAT!? I literally cannot believe how much that number jumped just today alone!

The % of total goal amount increased significantly because quite a few students lowered their word count goals, and I had 2 students back out completely (I only asked that question to those who are falling behind on school work). 


So I stated in a previous post that my 4th period advisory class was participating in NaNoWriMo YWP as a project (so not optionally haha). We write everyday during our 30 minute advisory period, and when we wrap up the lesson early. We had a lot of extra time today, as all I had on the plan was to wrap up our presentations. Before the end of the period, I got updates for most of the students, and something magical happened:

Image result for nanowrimo ywp winner


It was right at the end of the period, but they both came over and nonchalantly told me how many words they had and when I updated my spreadsheet, the boxes turned GREEN (and I set them to turn green when they calculated to 100% or higher).

Their word count goals were 2,000 and 2,500, respectively, and both of them are still writing, so I’m excited to see what their final word counts are going to be!

Tomorrow is a half-day, but fourth period will be the same length (it’s lunch time), so I’m probably going to plan some word wars – I have extra cupcakes as prizes. 🙂 

As for me NaNoWriMo adventure, well, I’ll be writing along with the kids tomorrow, so hopefully I can use that to make up some ground. I had one really good night, and managed to pull up to 13,500ish, however, today is halfway day, and I’m not there yet. But Thanksgiving break is less than 24 hours away, and I am prepared to type like my life depends on it.

And as many of you beautiful readers and commenters have said, it’s not about winning – it’s about getting the story written. I really like this story, and I think I’m starting to find its identity. 

I probably won’t be around much over the break, unless I have a miracle day and absolutely HAVE to share it with y’all. But when we come back from Thanksgiving break, I will definitely have an update, and hopefully it involves MORE WINNING!

Happy writing!

PS- I wrote this with the new WordPress editor and I’m unsure of how I feel about it. 

6 thoughts on “The Winning Has Begun!

  1. Good work to you and your class!
    I actually didn’t start my NaNoWriMo effort until the 12th, so my daily word goal is ~3000, but I’m on track! Currently sitting at 15k words after four days of writing.
    See you and your class at the finish line on the 30th!

  2. Fantastic. I tried hard as a 6th and again as an 8th grade teacher to get some excitement going for writing anything and only had 1 student put there pen to work. Few had computers in those days. Congrats.

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