Review: Desperate Paths by E.C. Diskin

Synopsis: In Eden, the truth can have deadly consequences.

Brooklyn Anderson knows it looks bad. She was found wiping down a gun. Her father now dead. His blood on her hands. The incomprehensible nightmare has started.


Seven days earlier, Brooklyn had returned to Eden to care for her beloved father, who lay helpless in a hospital bed. Her estranged sister, Ginny, said he fell. But as Brooklyn soon realizes, Ginny is prone to lying.

Former Eden resident Darius Woods was in the hospital too. The famous actor had written a screenplay that would lay bare all the secrets of the town, but within hours of his return, someone shot him.

As the Woods investigation proceeds, and Brooklyn starts to question everything she believes about her family, her neighbors, and her home, secrets and lies begin to unravel. But nothing can prepare her for where those lies will finally lead.

And sharing the truth of what happened the night her father died might just make things worse. 

Review// E.C. Diskin reached out to me to review her newest book, Desperate Paths, because I thoroughly enjoyed one of her previous novels Broken Grace (click here for the review). Upon reading even just the first few pages of this new one, I knew I was in for a fun ride once again.

Desperate Paths follows Brooklyn, an aspiring actress who has somewhat isolated herself from her family so she could move to the Big City and make her dreams come true. But when her dad falls and ends up in the hospital, she takes some time to go home and make sure things are taken care of. Her sister is not the most helpful when it comes to communication.

At the same hospital that night is an actor who did make it big from their hometown, Darius Woods. He was shot, and the police are searching hard to discover who is responsible.

The novel has so many twists and turns as we learn alongside Brooklyn the truth of her family and her hometown. As you read, you see the pieces come together, and you start to solve the mystery yourself.


Just like in Broken Grace, once you think you have the mystery solved, TWIST. You solve it again? TURN.

The answer to the mystery is so unexpected from where the book began, and it left me turning the pages and turning the pages.

Honestly, my favorite thing about EC Diskin is that you read the book and think “ugh I know how this will end.” But then you actually don’t. This book has so many twists and turns you won’t want to put it down.

4/5. I enjoyed this one a lot!

To purchase Desperate Paths, click here!

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