A Writing Space That Works For You

There’s something about being in the perfect spot to crank out the words of your next best-selling novel. Everyone has a certain “spot” where they find themselves the most productive.

Charles Dickens wrote at his desk.

Virginia Woolf wrote in her basement.

Stephen King wrote Carrie in his laundry room on his wife’s typewriter while she was working the second shift at Dunkin’ Donuts.

I haven’t found my “spot” yet. I’m hopeful it can be in my house. My husband and I purchased a home in February of this year, which we are in the slow process of making our own over time. One thing I would love to have is somewhere to spend dedicated writing time if I chose to do so. Right now, I’m stuck on the couch in the living room (hello, Food Network and HGTV distraction), or my kitchen table.

Neither of those options give me any kind of escape from my three dogs (one of whom is a puppy we adopted two months ago), who are an even bigger distraction than House Hunters sometimes.

I’ve been eyeing the Facebook marketplace for a desk I can get for a good price and just make it my own. I have no issues with sanding/painting something to make it my own. One of my summer projects is supposed to be repainting my kitchen cabinets (I haven’t even found the energy to buy the paint for that project yet).

Besides not having a desk/chair yet, the room I would want to put it in is full of all the stuff we haven’t found a place for since moving in. It’s so cluttered, and I can’t imagine it being a place of productivity for me. So summer project #2349 is cleaning out/sorting through that room.

Last week, I sat inside of a Starbucks three days in a row, for roughly 2 hours each day. While there, I obviously did become distracted by people-watching, my students’ STAAR scores being posted, my very active Camp NaNoWriMo cabin, and running into people I know.

Even through all of that, I managed to add just over 5,000 words to my current WIP, I’m Not Ok.

I was honestly so proud of myself because in one week I wrote almost as much as I wrote during NaNoWriMo (12,000 or so). This also put me over 20,000 words.

I’m still behind my original plan for the end of June (I was hoping to be at 40k), so I may adjust my Camp word count goal up, but I also may just keep it the same and be proud of my progress, even if I don’t get to THE END before school starts back up again.

As of this week, I’m back helping my husband at his job. We’re saving up for a big 5-year anniversary trip in two years (our honeymoon, really, because we never officially took one), and I’d rather just help him make a little extra than take on a part-time job for the summer. At least with my husband, I can take a day or week off whenever I want. 😉

Helping my husband means my Starbucks every day plan won’t work out, so tonight I’m testing out my kitchen table. I can’t see the TV from in here, but it’s a Chopped rerun I’ve seen 12 times already anyway.

Let’s see how much writing I can do with a more normal work schedule when I’m truly motivated.

Happy writing!

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