About the Blogger:

My name is Danielle. I have a Bachelor’s degree in English/Creative Writing. I currently work in a middle school teaching English/Reading to 7th graders, and spend my free time either playing with my three dogs, reading a novel, or writing the next New York Times Bestseller (but who isn’t anymore?).

I’m also a self-proclaimed coffee addict. How else do you get through a day of teaching middle schoolers?

Caffeine seems to fuel my muse. I drink a cup (or three) and the words start flowing! Albeit sometimes those words go towards blog posts and not my writing, but they’re just as important!

You can check out my current works in progress here.

About the Blog:

The premise of The Caffeinated Writer is to write about my adventures reading and writing while drinking too much coffee (and typically staying up way too late). I post 3-4 times a week on average, and am very active with my followers.

I’ll post some book reviews, updates on my writing progress, and some snapshots of my life.


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