Social Media -a poem-

I’m taking a break from fake –
I mean – Facebook.

It is fake though,
full of smiling faces,
pictures of places people go
to escape what goes on behind the scenes.

We scroll mindlessly every night,
think of how good everyone else has it
while we sit and suffer
because our life sucks in comparison.

A couple in love,
a friend thriving in their career;
we think we want what they have
because we can’t see
the bickering,
the late nights,
the feeling of being alone,
the endless debt,
the texts from another lover,
the fear of losing it all with one mistake.

Social media makes us want
what we can’t have
when in reality,
no one has it in the first place.

We can’t base our feelings
on what we see online.
I’m not going to keep making this mistake.
I’m taking a fucking Facebook break.

A Blogger’s Journey: What I Learned Joining Blogging Groups on Facebook (Guest Post)


By Brent Jackson

blob (1).jpg

I’ve been blogging on and off for nearly 10 years. I start a blog and I’m off to the races. I have high energy at the start. I have lots of ideas for posts. It all seems easy. I can look down the road and imagine a thriving community around my blog and all is good.

Well that’s how it always starts. Then reality sets in. The energy starts to drop after a few weeks. The ideas for new posts don’t flow as quickly. Before I know it … dead blog. I was getting to the point that I could picture an imaginary graveyard with little gravestones for each of my past blogs.

I finally broke the pattern! My current blog is a year old next month (May 2016). That’s far longer than any of my past blogs. My energy level is still high (with a little help from coffee). I actually have a backlog of ideas to write about. Scheduling travel and taking time for research is my biggest challenges this cycle. I guess that’s the benefit of finding a subject I’m passionate about. I’m confident this blog is going the distance. Continue reading

A Facebook Milestone (and maybe a giveaway?), Yay!

First, have you liked my Facebook page? If not, you should do it now! 😉 I share my blog posts, pictures we can all relate to, and updates on my writing progress. I TRY to post once a day, but rarely ever more than that.

Check it out here!

But I reached a milestone! As small as it is, it’s super important for Facebook pages. I finally hit 30 likes! (actually 34 now, woo!) 30 likes on your Facebook page means that you can finally see insights, so how many people your post has reached, how many times people have engaged it, etc.

The only problem with this is now I’m super obsessed about my post reach. Like it just sits up in the right corner of my Facebook all day and I can’t help but want that number to get bigger!

SO. Here’s my offer to all.  Continue reading