Cover Up


(This synopsis is a WIP itself LOL)

riptidesThings were going pretty well for Skyla. A freshman in college, she could see her future panning out well. But then things start to fall apart. And the day after getting blackout drunk for the first time (and in public, no less), she makes a life-shattering, split second decision that will change her life forever. But rather than face the questioning of a lifetime, she decides to cover it all up and pretend it never happened.

…Until the time comes to face the music. Did she make the right decision? Would the rest of the world see it the same way she did? How is she going to get out of this situation without ruining everything she’s worked for?

COVER UP is my latest work in progress. I started it during NaNoWriMo 2015. It was a last second idea, started because I wasn’t feeling my previous idea. There was no planning done whatsoever. Right now I think it’s mostly garbage, but there are some redeeming qualities to it! I’m not sure the plot works yet, but I’m going to keep trying to figure it out. It will probably change over time just as much as WHERE I BELONG. Only time will tell.

I’m farther into this one right now, so my goal is to get a draft finished by January 2016. Then I can table it for awhile and figure out the plot as a whole.

UPDATE: The (shitty) first draft is COMPLETE! As of December 30th. I’m going through a reread, writing in some comments, and will set it aside for a while before deciding how to proceed. Yay!