I Should’ve Eloped

I Should've Gotten Eloped (1)Synopsis (a WIP itself):

I Should’ve ElopedA tale of everything that can go wrong between the engagement and the wedding.

After an exciting engagement, Gabby embarks on the adventure of a lifetime: planning the modest wedding of her dreams. Armed with the best group of helpers she can find, including her mom, sister, and two best friends, plus the secret Pinterest board she’s had since before she even had a boyfriend, they set out to conquer.

But it doesn’t take long before Gabby discovers that no matter how modest your intentions are, it doesn’t take much before the idea of a wedding begins to sound like a disaster waiting to happen.

Will Gabby and Mason make it through an eighteen-month engagement without calling the whole thing off and eloping at the courthouse? Mason doesn’t think so, but Gabby will do everything to prove him wrong. Even if it means drinking three bottles of wine a week to get through it.

I Should’ve Eloped is my Camp NaNoWriMo novel for April 2016.